Hello and welcome.

Welcome - Tess Palmyre

Educator and musician in a past life, I turned to marketing in my 30s and fell hard for content and social media. Peggy Olsen is my hero.

Hi there. I’m Tess Palmyre, a driven and qualified marketing and communications  specialist. Content, search and social media brings out my inner nerd. This site (is getting rather dated now, but) has some blogs and other marketing bits and pieces that kept me busy for a couple of years.

A little about me

I have agency, health and not-for-profit experience. My skill areas include:

  • copywriting and editing
  • social media management
  • content strategy and development
  • inbound marketing
  • client services
  • search (SEO and PPC)

My life experience has taught me that community and human relationships are at the core of good marketing and communications. I’m driven by a strong work ethic, high standards and a passion for clear and honest communication.

If you like what you see, fill out a contact form and I’ll be in touch.


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