Random ramblings on a Saturday morning

Change – it baffles people. It scares them. Because they’re reminded that nothing lasts forever.

But the funny thing is, as soon as you accept that, you make the most of NOW. You love more, you feel more, you learn more. You give more. You LIVE more.

Life is a funny thing. We all desperately want to live forever, maybe leave a legacy. Is that how you live forever?

I will leave nothing behind. Within a generation – or two if I’m lucky – I’ll be forgotten. All of this will be gone. As if it never happened. No one will talk about me or remember my life.

Will I exist still in some spirit form? Do I still believe in God? And heaven? As in, a heaven in the sky that you go to when you die? I’m not really sure. I believe in heaven on Earth. Yes. I believe in that. And hell on Earth – I believe in that too.

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