Elta Fans: The Importance of Removing Air Pollution in Work Environments

This blog was written for a PMA Marketing client and published on 1 September 2015

The Importance of Removing Air Pollution in Work Environments

We are spending a large portion of our lives indoors, mostly in our workplaces or at home. In fact according to an American study conducted in 2012, it found that people were spending 90% of their time indoors. The study also found that indoor air quality was far worse than outdoor air quality. So what causes indoor air pollution in work environments and what can you do about it? Read on to find out.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution in Work Environments?

Clean air is made up of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and traces of carbon dioxide. Air pollutants, on the other hand, come from the discharge of gases and particles. The primary sources of indoor air pollution come from furnishings, building materials and office products that can emit a large amount of harmful particles into the air.

There are several elements that contribute to indoor air pollution. Chemicals, mould, airborne particles such as dirt and dust, and poor ventilation are the main contributors to indoor air pollution. Chemical emissions are the most harmful to people’s health and can come from paint, carpets and flame retardant on curtains. Moisture problems can lead to indoor mould growth, which can cause a range of respiratory problems. Mould pores are impossible to eliminate therefore it is important to promptly deal with any moisture issues in the workplace. Dirt and dust similarly can cause respiratory problems if not dealt with effectively.

How Can You Remove Air Pollution in Work Environments?

Improving the indoor air quality in workplaces is vital to people’s health. The most effective strategy is to eliminate the sources of contaminants. Good ventilation is also crucial as it can increase the amount of clean air while removing harmful particles through filtration. Some tips to improve the air quality in your workplace are:

  • Choose office products that have been third-party certified by reputable bodies such as Greenguard or Green Seal
  • Minimise the use of harsh cleaners
  • Monitor moisture levels in the environment by installing a humidistat. This is a device that regulates the humidity of the air in a room or building.
  • Install effective and suitable ventilation systems for the workspace. Fans and extraction units can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your workplace.

Indoor air quality is of great concern when you consider how much time we spend indoors. The good news is that cleaning up the air quality in workplaces can have almost immediate health benefits. Talk to an ELTA Fans representative today if you are concerned about the air quality in your workplace.

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